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How precisely does a poor girl from Western Pennsylvania grow into a woman who has helped thousands overcome self-destructive negativity to live the gloriously free, happy, fulfilling lives they were meant to have all along?

I earned my Ph.D. in Critical and Cultural Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. There, I fell in love with the work of pioneering psychotherapist Carl Jung. His discussion of the power of the unconscious mind to create synchronicities for good or for ill that shape our daily lives helped me to understand why I kept re-creating painful negative patterns in my life, like financial scarcity and romantic disappointment, and how to free myself from those patterns.

I felt particularly inspired by Jung’s quote,

“Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.”

It dawned on me that I probably had unconscious
(i.e., out of my ordinary awareness)
desires for those negative experiences.

I became fascinated by the question: how can I make my unconscious desires, conscious?

My exploration into the unconscious mind took me far from the halls of academia and around the world. My journey of self-discovery inspired me to write several essays on the interplay between our conscious and unconscious selves, as well as my first hit book, EXISTENTIAL KINK: Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace Your Power.

Today, I’m back in Pittsburgh. I’ve created a family with the love of my life. And we're creating new avenues to share knowledge, wisdom, and bliss with those brave enough to explore the great within.

Are you readY For the
adventure of your life?